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PATHWORKS Licensing?

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The Question is:

Pathworks 5.0-611F installed.
The pwrk$license_countunits.exe diplays pwlmxxxca06 server based licenses but not pwlmcaxxx07 server based licenses. Is this the design or is there something that I'm missing?
Kent Williamson
Howmet Corp.

The Answer is :

  The PWLMCAXXX07 licenses arrived after V5.0-611F was shipped, so while
  the package knows to honor an uplevel license, it doesn't know to display
  One workaround would be to use the PWRK$LR_SHOW_USAGE.EXE utility from a
  PATHWORKS V6.0B or later kit (available on the Consolidated Distribution),
  or contact the CSC for a patch.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-MAR-2000 )

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