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C localtime and timezones?

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The Question is:

  Got a curious problem: Programs running in our test environment has the
correct time using either the C time()/localtime() functions but is out by an hour
at the customer site (in the same timezone, PST). However, calls using the
lib$ date/time function works perfectly in both cases, similar to what DCL
show time gives. Attached below is the program used to test. All the C functions
are out by an hour at the customer site.
On further investigation, customer only has SYS$TIMEZONE_DIFFERENTIAL
logical defined while we have the _RULE, _NAME and _DAYLIGHT_SAVING (equal 0)
defined as well. Their _DIFFERENTIAL value is -25200 and ours is -28800.
It seems that that would be our culprit, but redefining the logical on our
system does not really produce the result. So is there more?!

The Answer is :

  Please run the provided timezone configuration and daylight savings
  time tools, do not attempt to directly change the logical names.
  Please also see topics 3451, 3080, and 2424 for some background.
  If one of these topics does not point to the resolution of the problem,
  please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center directly.

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