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DCPS, MultiNet, and Hitachi printer?

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Hi Wiz,
Running VMS v7.2-1, Multinet v4.2A, DCPS v1.7 Trying to get a Hitachi DDS32 (aka Dataproducts)going via DCPS (using ip). We're having no problems sending plain text via Multinet LPR, but using DCPS the data light flashes, but no action. The printer is PS
Level2, and does respond to the 'statusdict/product get' postscript command as 'DDS 32' when I telnet to the raw tcpip port (3102). So it appears that it functions ok bi-directionally. I got a hex dump of what is being sent by DCPS to the printer.
14 04 14 03 04 14 1B 25  2F 43 1B 7F 30 14
The only ascii printable chars in there are %/4, and that doesn't look like any PS command I've ever seen! I assume the 1st commands sent to the printer would be some kind of model enquiry such as statusdict/product. ie even if it's not listed in the libr
ary it should still use the generic Unrecognized setup module?? does this look like a ip connectivity issue to you ??? Here is the execution queue definition -
DDS32 -
"IP_RawTCP/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3102" -
"" -
"/start/sep=(noburst,noflag,notrail)/shed=size" -
"" -
"" -
seems fine according to the template. I know we'll have to create our own module in the library for this device, but surely we should get some output using unrecognized...Any ideas ???

The Answer is :

  This will require the assistance of MultiNet support and Compaq
  DCPS support -- please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center.
  (The specified Hitachi printer does not appear to be supported by
  DCPS-Open -- resolving this problem may well require access to
  this particular printer.)

answer written or last revised on ( 3-MAR-2000 )

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