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How to change Ethernet settings?

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The Question is:

How can I configure my network interface card DE 345 (its a combo card with AUI, BNC, RJ45)from its current 10Base2 connection to 10BaseT (RJ45)?

The Answer is :

  How to do this depends on the platform.  Most PCI-based Alpha machines
  have an SRM console variable such as EWA0_MODE, which you can change
  to suit your particular Ethernet network configuration.
  The console command:
    show device
  will show you the variable name that the console uses for the particular
  Ethernet card (e.g., ewa0).
  Then, the console command:
    show ew*
  will show you all the relevant console variables currently defined for
  the EW-class devices.
  Use the console set command to change the value -- please see topic
  3252 for a list of supported values for the EWx0_MODE variable.
  A note of caution:  be careful when fiddling with console variables,
  as you can easily render your machine unbootable with an injudicious
  setting.  The defaults for most variables are generally correct.
  Please do not change the values without instructions from the platform
  documentation or from a Compaq representative.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-MAR-2000 )

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