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Remote BACKUP/IMAGE and CRC errors?

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The Question is:

we are trying to do image backups from a vax across the network to either another vax or alpha, and are getting crc errors.  So the backup is unrecoverable.  The machines we are backing up from have vms 6.2 or 7.1.  The machines we are backing up to have
vms 5.5-2 or 7.1.
What can we do?

The Answer is :

  If you are getting CRC errors during recovery, then something is probably
  wrong with the system itself or with the storage hardware.  There is also
  a chance that the procedure used to transfer the BACKUP is causing the
  The procedure listed for remote BACKUPs in the FAQ is known to work, as
  are configurations with the various systems configured into an OpenVMS
  Cluster.  (Some OpenVMS upgrades would be required prior to configuring
  these systems into an OpenVMS Cluster.)

answer written or last revised on ( 13-MAR-2000 )

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