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Enabling TCP/IP rsh, rcp?

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The Question is:

I can successfully rsh <host> from solaris 2.5.1  to OpenVMS 7.2 without a command associated with the login.
I'm trying to use rsh with a command from a solaris 2.5.1 host. The service I need running and enabled on VMS 7.2 is rsh which is never set or enabled at system startup on VMS. The other services like rlogin and rexec are set and enabled. I attempted to s
et the rsh service via ucx and got it enabled but the command issued from the solaris did not appear to execute. What do I need to do to get rsh properly started via ucx?? It is properly installed and licensed on VMS.
Additionally I need rcp from solaris which I am assuming will work once rsh is functioning correctly on VMS?

The Answer is :

  For information on configuring TCP/IP Services, please see the URL:
  Assuming that the rsh and rcp commands have been properly enabled via
  the TCPIP$CONFIG configuration tool, please contact the Compaq Customer
  Support Center directly for further assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-MAR-2000 )

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