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Performing remote SHUTDOWN?

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The Question is:

It is possible to perform a machine restart over a remote TCPIP connection.
I have tried attempted to shutdown the system using @sys$system:shutdown and the
shutdown node function in sysmgr. In both cases it aborts the shutdown process
once TCPIP services is shutdown. Also tried submitting the sysmgr shutdown node
command as a ba tch job, with little success.
Any help is appreciated

The Answer is :

  Yes, this is possible.
  You will need an environment that is not stopped as part of the shutdown
  process -- processing in batch and network processes tends to be halted.
  Create a detached job ("other" mode) running DCL for this purpose.
  Where you have your specific commands located in the specified DCL
  command procedure -- invoke @SYS$SYSTEM:SHUTDOWN with the required
  parameter(s) in that procedure.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-MAR-2000 )

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