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Determining IP Printer Ports? (take I)

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The Question is:

Where can I find a list of the port numbers associated with specifc printers.
I.E.  HP = 9100
     QMS = 35
we have a lps20 printer and we want to setup a print queue to print to this
printer via IP and I dont have the port number associated with it.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard is aware of no central list of port numbers for
  various printers, nor would the OpenVMS Wizard assume any consistency
  across the various printer models that might be available from any
  particular printer vendor.  Nor would the OpenVMS Wizard be certain
  that any IP ports listed here are correct for any particular printer.
  The OpenVMS Wizard recommends checking the printer documentation and
  the printer setup page(s) for this information.
  PrintServer 20 (LPS20) uses port 170, and requires the DCPS package as
  the client.  The DCPS client kit is available for various platforms.
  In the case of the PrintServer 20 (LPS20 and other PrintServer series)
  printers, the recent versions of the DCPS (DECprint) software already
  know how to communicate with the printer via IP.  Further, LPS20 printers
  running V5.1 and later have lpr and telnet running on their respective
  well-known ports (ports 515 and 23, respectively), so this discussion
  may well be moot.
  As for the ports used by other IP-capable printers, and by some of the
  common NICs found in printers:
  Port    Printer or NIC
  ----    --------------
  20nn    DECserver terminal servers (those that are IP-capable),
                    where "nn" is the physical port number
  2501    DIGITAL LN17ps
          DIGITAL LN17+ps
  3001    DIGITAL LN15
          DIGITAL LN15+
          DIGITAL RapidPrint 500 print server
  6869    DIGITAL LN20
          DIGITAL LN40
          DIGITAL LNC02
  9100    Compaq Laser Printer LN16
          Compaq Laser Printer LN32
          Compaq Laser Printer LNM40
          GENICOM LN and microLaser printers
          GENICOM RapidPrint MPS100 print server
          HP LaserJet printers
          Lexmark Optra printers
          Tektronix Phaser printers
          Xerox DocuPrint N printers
          HP JetDirect NICs
          XCD NICs
          Lexmark NICs
          Axis 5400 printers (older)
  9900    Axis printers (newer)
  10001   DIGITAL LN09
          DEClaser 3500 and 5100 NICs

answer written or last revised on ( 25-OCT-2001 )

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