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Seeking Documentation Part Numbers?

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The Question is:

The in-line HTML manuals provided at this web site are useful, but some prefer
to have hardcopy.  Therefore, we appreciate the part numbers for each manual
that are shown in the on-line master index.
However, when I call the good old 1-800-DIGITAL and ask for these part numbers,
I am told that they are unavailable
Specifically: the manuals listed for DECnet/OSI (Plus) and TCP/IP.  All of them
are not available.
On the other hand, your index does not list the part number for the
"documentation set," which is available.  The price, however is a bit hard to
swallow...and it seems clear that the DECnet/OSI set (for example) contains
approximately 30 volumes, many of which are not among the 7 you list, and
(according to the most recent software price list) are not exactly necessary to
most customers.
How can we get the individual documents you list on the index page?
PS: On the other hand, the Compaq COBOL documentation set ($297)  is
available...but the two important manuals in it (reference and user guide) are
available separately for $36 each.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard thanks you for bringing this question up, and
  will pass along the question to OpenVMS Product Management and to
  the maintainer of the documentation website.
  The documentation posted at the website is far from a complete set
  of the available documentation -- DECnet-Plus and DECwindows are
  two of the products with rather more documentation than is posted.
  Part numbers for documentation are generally contained in the
  relevent Software Product Descriptions:
  DECnet-Plus documentation kit:
  TCP/IP Services documentation kit:
  Some products do not make individual manuals available, only sets.
  (The various OpenVMS manuals and documentation kits are referenced in
  in a manual -- the overview of the documentation set -- provided in the
  OpenVMS documentation set.)
  An available approach that is quite useful when dealing with various
  infrequently-accessed manuals involves acquiring the OpenVMS documentation
  CD-ROM set.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-MAR-2000 )

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