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Configuring NT as an LPD?

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The Question is:

How do I get output from a VMS-system on a remote printer that is part of a NT
Workstation network (just 2 Workstations and a printer). I have a
(Tcp/ip)terminal-connection on de NT-station with the VMS-system by means of a
cellular phone modem connection . On the VMS-host I've made a LPD-queue looking
at the NT-system and printer but when I have a connection I can't I can't ping
the network-printer on the NT-network. I've tried to connect the printer
directly to the parallel port of the workstation and sh ared the printer but
even then I didn't get output.  Somehow I have to get through the NIC from the
dialin-connection. I've tried "route add" but that didn't help either.

The Answer is :

  If you cannot ping a network printer, then either the network printer
  (or printer NIC) does not support ping (the OpenVMS Wizard would assume
  this an unusual situation), or you have an IP network connectivity
  problem in addition to the apparent LPD connectivity problem.  (And
  this, of course, might explain the LPD connectivity problem.)
  Point-to-point serial connections via PPP have been discussed here
  before as well, and there is presently no way to get a PPP connection
  to work as OpenVMS does not presently support RAS, and Windows NT
  provides no way to disable RAS.  (The usual course of action here
  involves configuring an IP/PPP router, an IP/SLIP router, or an IP
  switch -- a device that does correctly support non-RAS connections.)
  Please contact your Microsoft technical support organization for
  assistance in locating and configuring software to allow Windows NT
  to act as an LPD server -- there have been various discussions of
  configuring OpenVMS LPR and LPD, and these permit access to various
  remote LPD packages in printers and remote host systems.  (The OpenVMS
  Wizard would at least initially avoid adding this additional and
  unnecesary level of complexity to the IP configuration, and would
  use LPR/LPD directly from OpenVMS to the printer NIC.)
  For further assistance with this (rather complex) IP network
  configuration, please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-MAR-2000 )

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