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Configuring DECserver and LAT?

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The Question is:

Hi -
I have a a DEC3000 running OpenVMS v6.1 and am trying to add a DECServer 700.  I
have installed Digital NAS and have been led to believe that that is the only
product I need.  Is this correct ?  Are other optional products required to be
installed / con figured ?

The Answer is :

  A NAS license is not required and is entirely unrelated to LAT.
  You must configure LAT on the OpenVMS host system, please see the
  OpenVMS System Management documentation for details.  (Please look
  for LAT$CONFIG and LAT$STARTUP in the index for direct pointers.)
  Once the host is configured, information on configuring the DECserver
  and the DECserver serial line ports is provided in the DECserver
  documentation -- if you do not have access to this documentation,
  you will want to contact the Compaq Customer Support Center directly.
  Downloads of DECserver software (where required) performed on/by
  OpenVMS V6.1 and prior are available via DECnet MOP.  On OpenVMS
  V6.2 and later, the OpenVMS Wizard typically recommends the use
  of the OpenVMS LANCP tool, though DECnet MOP (Phase IV and -Plus)
  remains available.
    note: The MOP download downloads the system image needed
    for the DECserver -- the remainder of the normal operations
    of the DECserver and the DECserver users occur over the LAT
    or (in various cases and specific DECserver devices) IP, and
    *not* DECnet.  DECserver devices do *not* use DECnet for the
    normal communications operations.
  Existing topics of direct or potential interest can include topics
  such as 22, 1679, 2583, and 2987.
  The OpenVMS documentation website is referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-MAR-2000 )

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