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DECwindows graphics file conversions?

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The Question is:

Dear Sir,
I am working on a VAX Station 4000 VLC and running VMS V5.5-2. I was wondering if it was at all possible to do a "print screen" and to save this image as a *.bmp/*.jpg. I would then like to transfer this file to PC and paste  it into a word document. I ha
ven't been working for very long on this system - about 1 month now (I apologise if this is a lame question). If this is possible, do I need some graphics editor for VMS and could you suggest one? Thank you in advance.
Brian Merron
Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Answer is :

  Postscript, Sixel, and DDIF output are the normal choices for the
  DECwindows Print Screen widget, which would mean one of several
  conversions would likely be needed to reach a bitmap or jpeg formats
  suitable for importation into the target environment.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-MAR-2000 )

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