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Remote process management? (batch)

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The Question is:

My trouble is:
I have an interface with Visual Basic in a PC and I want to know:
How could I know when a job is finished ?
In VMS I receive a message ... "Job #### is fished" or "Job ### terminated with error status"  But in Visual Basic I could't read that
Exist something to read in VMS and send it to Visual?... something like a parameter.
Thank you very much .

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard is not aware of a particularly easy way to connect
  a Microsoft platform application directly into the OpenVMS Batch Queue
  Alternative approaches include a customer- or third-party written
  application process management package (watching the batch queues),
  a package which detects the batch process termination and passes
  the results along to the PC application.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume that an approach based on the available
  COM capabilities available for recent OpenVMS releases (eg: V7.2-1)
  have been considered and rejected.  The OpenVMS Wizard will further
  assume that the use of DECnet task-to-task or rsh/rexec to activate
  an OpenVMS application as a detached (network) process has also been
  considered and rejected.
  Some more creative approaches to using the batch queues might involve
  a customized "print symbiont" and the use of the SJC$_LOG_QUEUE option,
  or a custom audit recipient application and the use of the appropriate
  batch job auditing options.  Neither of these approaches is particularly
  trivial to implement.

answer written or last revised on ( 16-MAR-2000 )

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