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Subtle differences in NCP? (take I)

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The Question is:

We had I believed 2 servers setup identically.
One the 1 server a non-priv user could access ncp via the command MC NCP.
One the other server a user created exactly the same received the following error:
   %SYSTEM-F-NOAUDIT, operation requires AUDIT
I did not understand what caused this but to try and narrow the problem down I added the AUDIT priv to the account.  Then on running mc ncp I received another error:
    NOPRIV,  insufficient privilege or
    object protection violation
On trying to track this down I added bypass,sysprv,readall.  Even with these privs I was unable to access NCP via the command MC NCP.
The only way I could manage to get in was to add CMKRNL to the account as well as the audit mentioned before.  This worked without any problems.
Please could you help me shed some light on this issue.
King regards

The Answer is :

  There is quite obviously a difference between the servers, but
  without detailed information on the configurations this question
  is extremely difficult to answer.
  Make sure that AUTOGEN has been run on both systems, and that
  the systems have been rebooted.
  Please make sure both systems are running the same DECnet phase.
  Please contact the Compaq customer support center directly.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-MAR-2000 )

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