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OpenVMS Upgrade?

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The Question is:

We're running a pair of MicroVAX II computers with VMS 5.1. They are connected to each other via DECnet and to HP LaserJet 5 printers via LAT. What is the minimum operating system upgrade that we can get to be current enough to be considered portable? Wou
ld this upgrade be available on TK50, and what would installation entail?

The Answer is :

  Software support website information is listed in the OpenVMS FAQ,
  in section MGMT16.
  Upgrade information is in the OpenVMS FAQ -- see MGMT16 and (in the
  case of ANSI-labeled tape access on releases V5.1 and prior) Y2K7.
  You will require multiple kits, with the exact kits required based
  on how close to current you want to get.
  TK50 upgrade kits are available as of this writing.
  Information on the upgrade process, the release notes, and the new
  features are included in the documentation for the particular OpenVMS
  release(s) involved.  When moving forward a number of releases, the
  OpenVMS Wizard generally recommends skimming the new features manuals
  for the intermediate releases, as well...
  You will have to address the additional storage and memory requirements
  as you move forward to more recent OpenVMS releases.  Accordingly, also
  consider an upgrade to a more recent MicroVAX or VAXstation series system.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-MAR-2000 )

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