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KZPSC StorageWorks Shelf Failure?

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The Question is:

 I am having a problem with an Alpha 1000a with
an internally mounted disk shelf connected to a
pci based 3 channel KZZPSC controller. At the
same spot during boot up and randomly while running the controller generates
 the following
message: " shelf failure on channel 1."  I analyzed the configuration using the
 swxcr manager utility and everything looks o.k.. I also reseated all the
 cables and terminators to be sure of proper seating.  I don't have a clue as
 the two raid sets run err
or free. The KZPSC
has V249 firmware installed and the SRM @ V5.3
  Any Thoughts???

The Answer is :

  You have reached the OpenVMS Wizard, not the StorageWorks Wizard.
  That said, this might be as simple as setting up the fault management
  correctly for the configuration -- if you are directly cabled to disk
  drives or to non-StorageWorks storage enclosures, you will likely want
  to disable fault management.  See the RAID Array Installation and
  Configuration Utility Users Guide for further details.
  As this does not appear to be a problem with OpenVMS itself and if the
  above does not provide you with assistance, please directly contact
  your hardware support organization or Compaq Services.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-MAR-2000 )

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