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OpenVMS VAX to OpenVMS Alpha migration?

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The Question is:

Tenemos dos microvax II, que manejan el sistema operativo VMS, y el lenguaje de programacion es Fortran y Basic.
Queremos comprar 2 Aplha Server y una pregunta es que ?Se pueden trasladar los programas a Openvms o se necesita algun compilador?
?Se puede utilizar Labview con openvms?

The Answer is :

:We have two microvax II, which run the VMS operating system, and
:the programming language is Fortran and Basic. We want to buy 2
:Alpha Server[s] and one question is: Can programs be translated
:to OpenVMS or is some compiler needed?
  You are already running OpenVMS.  Specifically, you are already running
  OpenVMS VAX.  Application source code is deliberately highly compatible
  across OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha platforms, and porting from OpenVMS
  VAX to OpenVMS Alpha can often comprise of little more than recompilation
  and relinking operations.
  The DECmigrate (VEST and TIE) translation tool -- a tool that reads
  OpenVMS VAX executable images and produces OpenVMS Alpha executable
  code -- is no longer supported and no longer recommended, particularly
  with recent Fortran releases.
  You will want to consult with your Compaq reseller or your Compaq
  representative around license transfers, license options, and details
  of the existing applications and the migration.
:Can Labview be used with OpenVMS?
  Please check with National Instrument or the current vendor.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-MAR-2000 )

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