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$getdvi DEVCLASS and DEVTYPE codes?

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The Question is:

When using F$GETDVI("DSA1","DEVTYPE") a value of 141 is returned.  This is not
 listed in Table DCLI-8.  I have done a bit of searching on your website and
 connot find anything that would show the device type for this value.
Is there a site or sevice that shows the latest Value?

The Answer is :

  The values potentially returned by the sys$getdvi/f$getdvi DEVTYPE
  (DT$ symbols) and DEVCLASS (DC$ symbols) itemcodes are defined in
  the macro library module $DCDEF.
  An example of looking this information up follows:
$ library/extract=$dcdef/output=sys$scratch:$dcdef.mar sys$library:starlet.mlb
$ search sys$scratch:$dcdef.mar 141,DT$/match=and
$EQU    DT$_HSX00       141

answer written or last revised on ( 28-MAR-2000 )

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