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Assistance with CD-R creation?

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The Question is:

Thanks for your answer no. 4042.
I have since discovered and tried the option for filenames of up to 30 chars
 provided by Adaptecs Easy CD creator. And a "dir" of such a CD works on both
 OpenVMS and NT (NTFS).
However, some file contents differences show after copying the file tree off
 the CD mounted /media=cdrom/undef=stream:2048 (FAQ MGMT3)to the OpenVMS
 harddisk and doing a "diff" against the original OpenVMS files from which the
 CD was created.
The files on the PC from which the CD was cut were ftp'ed from OpenVMS using
 ftp mode "image" for files with rfm=fix and otherwise ascii.
I want to eliminate the differences.
But I'm out of ideas. And since we do not have a CD burner on any OpenVMS
 system I would like to try the first one of your suggestions: "The OpenVMS
 Wizard would recommend using a "raw" burn of the disk, and not permitting any
 access, manipulation or othe
r operations on the file structure". How do I do that? Please elaborate.

The Answer is :

  If you require assistance in CD-R media creation -- beyond that referenced
  in the OpenVMS FAQ -- please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center

answer written or last revised on ( 29-MAR-2000 )

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