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DCL-based management of HSJ storage?

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The Question is:

 is it possible to control operations on hsj storage controllers thru
a dcl command prodcedure. I would like to clone a disk thru a batch
process. I have some vague memory of a hsdsa executable to allow
command procedure type execution but the particulars escape me.
  Thx in advance for your feedback wizardmeister.
   / mike

The Answer is :

  You can get interactive access to the command line interface on an HSJ
  controller using the DUP utility, as follows:
  where "hsj" is the SCS nodename of the HSJ controller.
  In the OpenVMS Wizard's experience, this method can be used to
  interactively control HSJ controllers.  (The Wizard has not been able
  to make this work in a batch procedure, however.)
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance
  in acquiring the tools necessary to access HSJ-series controllers
  from an OpenVMS DCL procedure.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-APR-2000 )

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