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Print queues and TOOMANYLIB errors?

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The Question is:

What causes the -LBR-E-TOOMNYLIB error on a print que .. and how can I get rid
 of it??

The Answer is :

  Assuming a LAT or TELNETSYM queue, TOOMNYLIB indicates that the symbiont
  process is handling too many queues which reference device control libraries.
  By default the symbiont processes controlling LAT and TELNET queues will
  handle 32 queues. However, there is a documented limitation in the OpenVMS
  librarian that it can only open 16 libraries simultaneously. The TOOMNYLIB
  error will therefore be encountered attempting to start the 17th queue which
  references a device control library.
  The logical name LAT$SYMPARAMETER can be used to limit the number of queues
  that a LAT symbiont will attempt to open before starting a new symbiont:
  Note that the logical name must be defined before the first LAT print queue
  is started.
  For telnet queues, there is a similar logical name:

answer written or last revised on ( 29-MAR-2000 )

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