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Problems with PC FTP Client?

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The Question is:

sorry for not remembring the openvms version, shouldn't be too old.
anyway my problem is this:
when i use the "easyftp" program from my win95 computer to connect to the
 server (via tcp/ip) i can connect and work perfectly, there is an option in
 the settings to state which kind of server it is, and it has a vms option.
however, when i try to connect to the server through windowss 95 internal ftp,
 it cannot connect, which got me to this that there may be some special
 parameters needed to connect (since easyftp works great).
is there anything special like some port number or something to be stated when
 trying to connect to vms through ftp?

The Answer is :

  The Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS FTP daemon uses the
  default port and configuration for the FTP protocol.
  If this failure is with the TCP/IP Services product running
  on the OpenVMS host, please contact the Compaq Customer Support
  Center, as the OpenVMS version and TCP/IP Services version and
  ECO level, as well as the particular configuration will be of
  If the OpenVMS host is not the OpenVMS TCP/IP Services product,
  please contact the particular product vendor for assistance.
  If the problem is specific to the FTP client on the Microsoft
  Windows 95 system, please contact the vendor of the FTP Client.
  (The OpenVMS Wizard has direct experience using the Microsoft
  FTP client provided in Microsoft Windows NT with the FTP server
  in TCP/IP Services, and the configuration is known to work.)

answer written or last revised on ( 30-MAR-2000 )

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