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Connecting to a CD-ROM drive?

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The Question is:

The company I work for has a few old VAX systems
that are no longer in use. I can to pick one up for 0$ and seeing I'm an X
 DECie. I left DEC in 1992. I would like to just play around with this older
 system to renew my knowledge on VMS. We still are using OpenVMS on Alpha
 servers at work.
My problem is the system is a DECServer 4000/600
it has a DSSI bus for the tape and disks. The only media I have for VMS is on
 CD-Rom. I need to somehow interface the a CD-Rom drive to the system to
 install the VMS system software.
So my question is what do I need to do this?
Or is there another way for me to get the OS install?

The Answer is :

  The usual approaches for the Q-bus MicroVAX series can involve an
  HSD-series DSSI to SCSI adapter (using an embedded DSSI adapter or
  a KFQSA), a a Q-bus to CD-ROM adapter (KRQ50, KZQSA), acquiring an
  InfoServer device with CD-ROM(s) and using a local area network, via
  a third-party Q-bus to SCSI connector, or via swapping disks over to
  or creating and using tapes from or clustering with another system
  equipped with a CD-ROM drive.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-APR-2000 )

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