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Missing BASIC definition?

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The Question is:

A declaration for routine "LIB$GET_LOGICAL" is missing from library
on OpenVMS 7.2 for VAX.
What up?
Neil Rieck
Bell Canada (Bell-ICS)

The Answer is :

  Language specific definitions for system supplied routines such as
  BASIC$STARLET.TLB are, naturally, Operating system version dependent. So,
  although there is no need to reinstall compilers after an OpenVMS upgrade,
  it may be necessary to regenerate routine definitions to include routines
  added in the new version.
  Using SYS$UPDATE:VMSINSTAL to start an installation of Basic will give the
  following options:
   There are three possible installation options. They are described
   as follows:
   1) Perform a normal installation of BASIC.
   2) Install OpenVMS VAX system definitions text library only (10-45 minutes).
   3) Obtain a copy of the BASIC message text for modification.
* Which option do you want to use [1]:
  Choosing option 2 will update your system definitions. The wizard has
  confirmed that if this option is taken on a V7.2 system, the correct
  definition of LIB$GET_LOGICAL is present in BASIC$STARLET.TLB.
  There is a similar function in the compiler installation procedure for
  most languages, which should be executed after an operating system

answer written or last revised on ( 11-APR-2000 )

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