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The Question is:

When restoring an image, what causes the following error?
%execinit-f-error error initializing boot device - R0 = 0000028c

The Answer is :

  The restoration of a BACKUP image saveset is not usually directly
  linked to a bootstrap error.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance.
  Expect to be asked the specific VAX system type, the particular VAX
  bootstrap command used, the specific BACKUP commands used to create
  and to then later restore the image saveset, if this is part of an
  OpenVMS Cluster, and various ancillary information such as the local
  system and disk storage configuration.
$ exit %x28c
%SYSTEM-F-NOSUCHNODE, remote node is unknown

answer written or last revised on ( 3-APR-2000 )

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