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Enabling Media Compaction (Compression)?

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The Question is:

I have a question about tape compression. I have an AS1000/333 with a TLZ-09
 tape drive. Until now I have been able to backup up my system using a DDS-2
 tape with 4GB. I have now gone over the 4GB range and need to compress my
 tapes to get the full 8GB. I
 have tried initializing the tape with a /media=compaction and also using
 backup with the /media=compaction. I seem to have no luck. Is there anything I
 am missing?
Thanx for your help,

The Answer is :

  Not all data compresses equally -- you may or may not achieve 8 GB
  with the TLZ09 and 120m DDS-2 cartridges.   (You might get more onto
  the cartridge, and you might get less.)
  If the attached DCL command sequence does not provide for enabling
  compression on the TLZ09 (or other drives that support compression),
  and you are using known-good 120m DDS-2 cartridges, please contact
  the Compaq Customer Support Center directly for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-APR-2000 )

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