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POOLEXPF, Pool Expansion Failure?

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The Question is:

my vax is locking up.
vms ver.
orical ver. V5.1,22
getting "%System W-POOLEXPF, Pool expsnsion failure

The Answer is :

  Increase your pool, and/or increase your physical memory, and/or decrease
  your current physical memory use.
  As a first step -- to increase the currently-configured size of the system
  pool -- use AUTOGEN on the system, and alter the MIN_ sizes of NPAGEDYN
  (and potentially PAGEDYN) via MODPARAMS.DAT to meet (or somewhat exceed)
  the current usage as displayed by the SHOW MEMORY/FULL command.
 POOLEXPF,  pool expansion failure
  Facility:     SYSTEM, System Services
  Explanation:  This message signals one of the following conditions:
                o There are not enough free physical pages to expand nonpaged
                o Another physical page cannot be allocated because doing so
                  would reduce the number of fluid pages to below the minimum
                  required to accommodate the current maximum working set
  User Action:  Try increasing the value of the SYSGEN parameter NPAGEDYN to
                reduce the need for pool expansion. If the problem recurs,
                consider adjusting the system parameter WSMAX or getting more
                memory for the system.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-APR-2000 )

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