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Network Communications Packages? (take II)

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The Question is:

I have a VAX4000-300 and a VAX 11/785, both running VMS Version 5.4-3, and
 connected to one another using ethernet.  Real-time processes run on both
 machines and data (not files) are passed between both machines using the
 facilities provided by DECnet Pha
se IV software.  I plan to extend the system's capabilities by introducing a PC
 running Windows NT Version 4 and wish to connect this PC to the VAX 4000
 (using the ethernet cable) and setup a process on the PC to exchange data
 between the PC and a corresp
onding process running on the VAX.  Any ideas please on what software I need to
 effect data exchange between the PC and the VAX (in both directions, as fast
 as possible).  Rumour has it there's such a thing as DECnet for Windows NT; is
 this true and if it
 is, will it do the job?

The Answer is :

  PATHWORKS 32 is the product that provides DECnet for Windows 95,
  Windows 98, and Windows NT.  But it is unlikely that PATHWORKS
  32 V7.1A has been specifically tested with VAX/VMS V5.4-3.
  Another option for network communications -- one that can operate
  entirely in parallel with DECnet -- involves the use of IP.  (You
  may have problems finding an IP client for as old a version of the
  operating system as is in use here.)
  An OpenVMS upgrade to at least V5.5-2 is recommended, though an
  upgrade to V7.2 would be better.
  Also see other topics here, including 4119.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-APR-2000 )

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