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Two IP Packages on One Host?

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The Question is:

We had a old version of OpenVMS and use version 5.3 of TCPware instead of UCX.
 Recently, we moved to OpenVMS version 7.1 but still use TCPware to ensure the
 compatibility of our application. But now, we would like to use the new
 version of UCX (DIGITAL TC
P/IP Services) instead of TCPware. So we want to keep TCPware to be able to use
 our application until we finished to move our application to DIGITAL TCP/IP
My question is, how can I install DIGITAL TCP/IP Sevices for some person so
 that the other person still use TCPware.

The Answer is :

  You can have one, or the other, installed and running.  Not both.
  IP packages inherently use the same IP packet types, and the
  network device drivers need to route the IP traffic to exactly
  one client communications package.

answer written or last revised on ( 5-APR-2000 )

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