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Cluster with new AlphaServer?

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The Question is:

I installed an ES40 today and tried to have it join my existing cluster of
 alpha2100 & vax6530.
The ES40 came up with it's own cluster (partitioned) cluster! I used the valid
 Cluster Password and cluster number when adding. The existing cluster members
 are running vms 6.2 and the ES40 is 7.2-1. The existing cluster has some
 satelites, but has existe
d and been up for years. Is there anything different about 7.2-1 clustering
 with 6.2 cluster members? Thank You Gus

The Answer is :

  Nope.  Either the network is discontiguous, or the cluster group is
  set up incorrectly.  Though clearly, the VOTES and EXPECTED_VOTES
  settings are configured incorrectly.  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ for
  details on the latter topic.
  To quickly set up the cluster group and the cluster password, please
  pull over CLUSTER_AUTHORIZE.DAT from the existing cluster, over into
  SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE] on the new AlphaServer system disk.  (Make sure
  to reboot the system and then remember to purge out any old copies
  of the file, and make sure that there are no copies of the file in
  Please acquire and apply the following ECO kits:
  On V7.2-1:
  On V6.2:

answer written or last revised on ( 6-APR-2000 )

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