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Accessing RMS underneath BASIC?

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The Question is:

Using only a BASIC file channel number, how can I access the address of the
 file's RAB from within a MACRO-32 subroutine?
I am stuck trying to read a record in a MACRO-32 subroutine called from a BASIC
 program which opens the file. No source code exists for the section of code
 which opens the file, I am unable to open the file using USER_OPEN clause.
I seem to remember that there was a BAS$* function that returned the RAB
 address along time ago. I know there is one for FORTRAN. But then my memory
 has faded over the last 13 years.
Any suggestions?

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard does not believe that there is any easy way to
  access the RAB address without a USEROPEN routine.  FORTRAN, COBOL,
  Pascal and C all have routines for finding the RAB and FAB addresses,
  but the OpenVMS Wizard is unaware of a BASIC equivilent.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-APR-2000 )

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