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SUBMIT returns job creation errors?

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The Question is:

I am trying to submit a batch job under a username other than my own as follows:
$ submit/user=hcstest batch_procedure.com
VMS fails to create the job, giving the following errors:
crejob - Failure to create job
followed by
rms-f-rnf, record not found.
I don't know what "record" is not found, nor from where.  The username
 "hcstest" is a valid username in the UAF; the uic is [253,253].  The
 identifier "hcstest" is also in the rightslist, and it has the correct uic
My own account has the required privs.
I can submit a job in this way using other usernames in my UAF.  Any idea
 what's going on here?
Thank you,
Andy Sarno

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard suspects this to be an OpenVMS Cluster with multiple
  SYSUAF system authorization files -- in this case, the QUEUE_MANAGER
  process is executing on a node other than the one from which the SUBMIT
  command is executed.  As the other node has its own SYSUAF, it may or
  may not contain the specified HCSTEST account.
  The OpenVMS Wizard has also seen this symptom in cases where the QUEUE_MANAGER
  is using a different SYSUAF from the rest of the system because the SYSUAF
  logical name has been modified after QUEUE_MANAGER was started.  Use SDA and
  SHOW PROCESS/CHANNEL or SHOW DEVICE/FILES to determine which SYSUAF is being
  used by QUEUE_MANAGER.  You will need to stop and restart the QUEUE_MANAGER
  to make it use the correct SYSUAF.  (As a temporary workaround, you could define
  a PROCESS logical name SYSUAF to point to the file being used by QUEUE_MANAGER
  and add the missing username.)  Check your startup procedure to ensure that the
  SYSUAF logical name is defined prior to starting the queue manager -- the
  recommended place to define the SYSUAF logical name is in SYLOGICALS.COM.
  (The V7.2 and later versions of SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE contain a list of the other
  shared files and associated logical names that are typically of interest within
  an OpenVMS Cluster.)

answer written or last revised on ( 7-APR-2000 )

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