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Creating Graphics Device Drivers?

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The Question is:

In the past you have responded to a question regarding 3rd party graphics
 adaptors under
OpenVMS with the reply "you could always write your own driver".
I would like to have a play around with doing just that, however it seems a
 taboo subject.
Web searches result in no examples, also there is no documentation or examples
with OpenVMS.
Where would I start??? I am using OpenVMS 7.2/Alpha.
There has been some mention of an OpenVMS 7.2 SDK.  If you are about to tell me
 it has examples
please mention how I might obtain it.
Many thanks.

The Answer is :

  For OpenVMS Alpha, Digital Press (www.bh.com) publishes a book entitled
  "Writing OpenVMS Device Drivers in C".  Often those programmers writing
  drivers also make use of the operating system Source Listings kit, which
  can be ordered from Compaq.  (See the OpenVMS FAQ.)
  In the OpenVMS context, the acronym "SDK" covers an advance copy of a
  particular release of the operating system, and thus is not of interest
  to most driver writers (particularly because at the point in the OpenVMS
  development cycle when the SDK kits are available, there are no source
  listings kits yet available for the release.)

answer written or last revised on ( 6-APR-2000 )

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