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HP Printer truncating lines? (telnet)

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The Question is:

We are trying to use UCX to print to HP LasterJet 5Si printers. When we print
 from DCL, the lines truncate at 80 characters. We have tried to change many of
 the terminal characteristics to match out LA310 printers which line wrap
 correctly but the problem
Here is the terminal setup:IDXALP$ sho term lta555:
Terminal: _LTA555:    Device_Type: Unknown       Owner: No Owner
Input:    9600     LFfill:  0      Width:80      Parity: None
utput:   9600     CRfill:  0      Page:24
Terminal Characteristics:
Interactive        Echo               Type_ahead         No Escape
No Hostsync        TTsync             Lowercase          Tab
Wrap               Scope
No Remote          No Eightbit
Broadcast          No Readsync
No Form            Fulldup
No Modem           No Local_echo
No Autobaud        Hangup
No Brdcstmbx       No DMA
No Altypeahd       Set_speed
No Commsync        Line Editing       Overstrike editing No Fallback
No Dialup          No Secure server   Disconnect         Pasthru
No Syspassword     No SIXEL Graphics  No Soft Characters         No Printer Port
Numeric Keypad     No ANSI_CRT
No Regis           No Block_mode
No Advanced_video  No Edit_mode
No DEC_CRT         No DEC_CRT2
No DEC_CRT3        No DEC_CRT4
No DEC_CRT5        No Ansi_Color
VMS Style Input
Printer queue LTA555, idle, on IDXALP::"", mounted form HPLAS5PT
Mike Garcia

The Answer is :

  In addition to the OpenVMS terminal settings (LTA555:, in this
  case), please also check the settings at the DECserver port.
  Please also see the discussions of IP printing in topic 1020.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-APR-2000 )

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