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DECwindows No Graphics Device Found?

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The Question is:

During installing OpenVMS V7.2 on our new Alpha 1200, I have not been able to
 use the operator console, which is a Compaq P75 graphics terminal.
I loaded Motif, and tried to start it, but got the error message "No Graphics
 Device Found".
I feel as though I am missing a piece of software to use the terminal in
 graphics mode.
Is this true, and if so, what is the software I should load?

The Answer is :

  Please start with the discussion in the OpenVMS FAQ, in the
  section "Why is DECwindows Motif not starting?".  (The particular
  monitor is only of interest in conjunction with the particular
  graphics controller installed in the system.  For details on this,
  please see the FAQ section "Which video monitor works with which
  graphics controller?".)

answer written or last revised on ( 17-APR-2000 )

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