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Problems with LPR/LPD page-range printing?

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The Question is:

We are printing to a print server device using LPD/LPR. It works fine except,
 it always prints the whole document. The print option /PAGES does not work to
 print specific pages, the parameter "PAGE_LIMIT=" for the /PARAMETER option
 does not work either.
Also, the Digital documentation does not fully explain the LPD option in the
 printcap database.
Is there any documentation that fully explains the printcap options?

The Answer is :

  Assuming you are running the latest ECO kit for TCP/IP Services for
  OpenVMS version V4.2, please contact the Compaq Customer Support
  Center directly for assistance in resolving this problem.
  The latest TCP/IP Services printcap documentation is available on
  the OpenVMS documentation website -- please see the OpenVMS FAQ for
  pointers.   If this documentation is insufficient, you will want to
  address specific questions to the OpenVMS Wizard or to the Compaq
  Customer Support Center.  (Note: The OpenVMS Wizard is unaware of
  any documentation of nor any "lpd" keyword in the printcap file.)
  Related topics in the Ask The Wizard area include:
    1279, 1666, 1731, 1781, 1812 and 2212.
  The provided LPRSETUP tool is the most common mechanism used to set
  up IP printers.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-APR-2000 )

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