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Reconfigure after upgrade memory or CPUs?

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The Question is:

Does an OpenVMS AlphaServer need to be reconfigured at the operating system to
 upgrade memory or processors?

The Answer is :

The answer to this depends on what is being upgraded.  Let's take the easy
one first.
If you upgrade memory, generally all that is needed is to run AUTOGEN after
the new memory is installed.  AUTOGEN will recalculate those system
parameters that may need adjusting to take the expanded memory into
account.  Please be sure to examine your MODPARAMS.DAT file, to make sure
any adjustments you might have made by hand to system parameters are
included; otherwise, AUTOGEN may override them with the values it
When you upgrade CPUs, the question is more complex.  If you simply add
more CPUs of the same type, a reboot is generally all that is needed.  If
you are upgrading to newer CPUs, to either a faster clock with the same
Alpha chip, or a newer Alpha chip, you may need to upgrade the operating
system.  Sometimes this requires a full upgrade (as from V7.1 to V7.2);
other times it may require installing an upgrade kit (as from V7.2 to
V7.2-1H1).  This depends on what version the system is running, and what
version the new CPU requires.
Please refer to the product description for the new CPUs, or contact a
Compaq Support representative for the details regarding your particular

answer written or last revised on ( 14-APR-2000 )

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