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IP sockets and $qio channels?

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The Question is:

When using DIGITAL TCP/IP services for Open VMS, can the Open VMS system
 services programming interfaces and C Socket programming interfaces be used
 interchangeably for same socket/channel?   For example, can one create and
 listen to a socket using the C
Socket programming interface, and then use the IO$_ACCESS|IO$M_ACCEPT.
Is there a way of being notified that an accept is need verse notification of
 the completion for the accept?
I have found the function
for getting the channel from the socket.  However, I am missing the logic of
 how to get the socket from the channel.

The Answer is :

  While there is a mechanism to acquire the channel from the socket,
  no ready equivalent exists for the reverse conversion.
  For various reasons, (not the least of which are simplicity and
  clarity) the OpenVMS Wizard prefer to use either the $qio interface
  or the socket interface, but not to intermix the two on a single

answer written or last revised on ( 24-APR-2000 )

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