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Multiple Operating Systems, Alpha Firmware?

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The Question is:

For about two years we were running OpenVMS and Windows NT 4.0 on an
 Alphaserver 800. Now we would like to install UnixTru64 on that machine (we
 don't care if we have to remove Windows NT from it). Is it possible to have
 OpenVMS and Unix on the same serve
r? If it is, were can we get the documents on how to do it?
Thanks in advance.
George Fatyas

The Answer is :

  Yes, assuming the platform supports the particular operating system,
  you can generally run OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, Linux and Windows NT on
  the same platform.  On some (OpenVMS Galaxy) platforms, you may well
  be eventually able to coax more than one operating system at a time.
  As for how to switch operating systems, you must reset the OS_TYPE
  environment variable, power-cycle, and dedicate one or more disks to
  each operating system.  See the OpenVMS FAQ for details on locating
  and switching the firmware, specifically section ALPHA6.  (OpenVMS
  and Tru64 UNIX both use the SRM firmware, so no firmware switch-over
  is required in this particular case.)
  Please contact a Tru64 UNIX Wizard for assistance with Tru64 UNIX.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-APR-2000 )

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