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DECnet-Plus over IP?

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The Question is:

From an AlphaServer Unix V4.0E with DECnet/OSI Fullfunction we need to access
 files with FTAM via RFC1006
from an (offsite) AlphaServer with OVMS V7.1 and UCX V4.1. We found out, we
 need  to setup the PWIP_DRIVER, but we can't get it run, because we're unable
 to enable the service in UCX. The sockets 102,399 are invisible with UCX SHOW
 DEVICE. Please send us
some hints and/or documentation how to do this.
Best Regards,

The Answer is :

  Please move to TCP/IP Services V5.0A, and OpenVMS V7.1-2.
  (UCX V4.1 is rather old.)
  If the information on setting up the PWIP driver included
  in the OpenVMS TCP/IP Services documentation:
  is insufficient for your needs, please contact the Compaq
  Customer Support Center directly.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-APR-2000 )

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