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Third-party software? (Oracle Rdb)

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The Question is:

We have an application which runs an OpenVMS Basic routine.  This routine
 accesses RMS files and an Oracle RDB (version 7.0-14) database.  It is a
 recursive routine but only opens the files and connects to the database once
 (thereafter it uses the same ch
annels/connection for each call to itself).
Occasionally, for processes which involve a lot of recursion, the user gets
 thrown out of the application with the following error message :-
"%DEBUGBOOT-W-CHN, assign channel system service request failed".
I've tried changing the user's FILLM quota from 300 to 340.  However, this
 seemed to make no difference (if anything, it made it worse).
Any ideas?

The Answer is :

  Please contact Oracle Rdb support for assistance with
  configuring and tuning and parameter requirements for
  the Oracle Rdb product.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-APR-2000 )

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