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Installing OpenVMS?

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The Question is:

I bought a used alphastation 233 with 24 MB RAM and with the WindowsNT4.0 Boot
 Manager on it and I want to install open VMS 7.2 kit on this machine.  Can you
 tell me how to do this?  The hobbyist documentation that I received isn't
 clear and any "detailed
" help would be appreciated as to how to install the operating system.
Omer S. Celiker

The Answer is :

  First switch the console to the SRM console per the instructions in
  the OpenVMS FAQ, specifically FAQ sections ALPHA14 and ALPHA6.
  If this AlphaStation ??? 4/233 is a "full-flash" system, you can switch
  over to SRM directly via the ARC or AlphaBIOS setup screens, and do
  not need to load the SRM console from the floppy as is described in
  ALPHA14.  If you have a "half-flash" system, you will need to load the
  SRM from floppy or from the available firmware CD-ROM media.  And no,
  there is no easy way to tell if the system you have a "half-flash" or
  a "full-flash" system strictly from looking at the box.
  Then, once the SRM console is loaded and operating on the AlphaStation
  ??? 4/233 system (and thus you see the three-chevron SRM console prompt),
  please follow the OpenVMS software installation instructions that are
  provided in the OpenVMS Alpha Upgrade and Installation Manual, part of
  the OpenVMS documentation.

answer written or last revised on ( 1-MAY-2000 )

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