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System uptime (and downtime) accounting?

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The Question is:

I need to generate a daily uptime report for each of my production VMS systems
 for management, I can get the last boot time from f$getsyi, but I need to
 determine the downtime as well, how can I get the time of the last (first)
 shutdown or crash if one or
 more occured in the last 24 hours.

The Answer is :

  This task usually involves reading the accounting data.
  Unfortunately, due the nature of an unexpected system crash,
  there is no "system down" record written to accounting, nor
  can there be.  An orderly shutdown can be dealt with via an
  accounting file closure record or similar.
  An alternative approach involves an application image running
  in a detached process, and specifically an image that periodically
  writes a record a file or to a file-backed section or to a remote
  "uptime server process".  The write will obviously take place at
  the granularity of the measurement requirements.  When started up,
  the (logging portion of the) application looks at the file to
  determine the last time the file was written, and uses this to
  calculate the system downtime.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-MAY-2000 )

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