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Unable to warm reboot AlphaServer 4000?

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The Question is:

AlphaServer 4000/533, Uniprocessor, 512MB, KZPAC-CA (2), KZPAA-AA, DE500-BA,
 graphics card, OpenVMS V6.2-1H3, SROM V3.0, XSROM V5.7, SRM console 5.7-5,
 some TIMA kits installed (LAN05, CPU1603, SCSI08, DRIV18).  The system disk is
 on a KZPAC (as are all t
he other live, important disks.)
Cannot autoreboot the machine via SYS$SYSTEM:SHUTDOWN autoreboot=yes.  Also,
 fails to boot if SRM environment variable boot_reset is OFF and an init
 command is not issued prior to the reboot.
This is the mess:
[ $sys$system:shutdown with reboot=yes]
%SHUTDOWN-I-REMOVE, all installed images will now be removed
%SHUTDOWN-I-DISMOUNT, all volumes will now be dismounted
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM   2-MAY-2000 21:21:14.38  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user SYSTEM on PHARM
_PHARM$OPA0:, PHARM shutdown was requested by the operator.
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM   2-MAY-2000 21:21:14.39  %%%%%%%%%%%
Logfile was closed by operator _PHARM$OPA0:
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM   2-MAY-2000 21:21:14.44  %%%%%%%%%%%
Operator _PHARM$OPA0: has been disabled, username SYSTEM
halted CPU 0
halt code = 5
HALT instruction executed
PC = ffffffff800521dc
CPU 0 booting
(boot dra3. -flags 0,0)
Overlay name                       memadr   topadr    size   ref
rawhide                             1a000    71400  357376  0
advshell                            a4b00    abd00   29184  1
basiccmd                            990e0    a4ae0   47616  1
advcmd                              abd20    bcf20   70144  1
environ                             7c660    83e60   30720  1
phase3                              948c0    990c0   18432  1
boot                               13fc40   14f440   63488  2
eeprom                              dd560    e2160   19456  100
pci                                 83e80    90680   51200  1
eisa                                906a0    948a0   16896  1
ether                               e3160    e6f60   15872  1
scsi                                d3300    d8500   20992  2
fat                                 d8b40    dd540   18944  100
dac960                              71420    76020   19456  1
dv                                  d0100    d2b00   10752  1
kbd                                 ee940    f2f40   17920  1
vga                                 bcf40    c1140   16896  1
dump of active call frames:
PC  =  0006903C
PD  =  0005D5C8
Double Exception from CPU 0
Double Exception from CPU 0
Double Exception from CPU 0
[repeats many, many times before stopping]
Double Exception from CPU 0
Any init prior to booting DRA3 works fine.  If the init does not run (like
 during a shutdown/reboot), no go.
I've tried booting -fl 0,10000 and there is nothing (i.e. it bombs out before
 reading the boot block.)
SRM environment variables are:
auto_action             HALT
boot_dev                dra3.
boot_osflags            0,0
boot_reset              ON
bootdef_dev             dra3.
cda0                    dka400.
CDA1                    dka500.
CDA2                    dka500.
CDA3                    dka500.
CDA4                    dka500.
char_set                0
com1_baud               9600
com1_flow               SOFTWARE
com1_modem              OFF
com2_baud               9600
com2_flow               SOFTWARE
com2_modem              OFF
console                 serial
cpu_enabled             f
d_group                 field
d_passes                1
d_runtime               0
d_verbose               0
enable_audit            ON
ewa0_loop_count         3e8
ewa0_loop_inc           a
ewa0_loop_patt          ffffffff
ewa0_loop_size          2e
ewa0_lp_msg_node        1
ewa0_mode               Twisted-Pair
exdep_data              5555555555555555
exdep_location          0
exdep_size              0
exdep_space             pmem
exdep_type              3
ffauto                  OFF
ffnext                  OFF
fru_table               ON
full_powerup_diags      ON
graphics_page           0
graphics_type           VIDEO
kbd_hardware_type       PCXAL
language                36
language_name           English (American)
license                 MU
memory_test             full
os_type                 OpenVMS
pal                     OpenVMS PALcode V1.21-2, Digital UNIX PALcode V1.23-2
pci_arbmode             Round-Robin
pci_parity              ON
pka0_disconnect         1
pka0_fast               1
pka0_host_id            7
pkb0_disconnect         1
pkb0_fast               1
pkb0_host_id            7
pkd0_disconnect         1
pkd0_fast               1
pkd0_host_id            7
prompt                  >>>
rcm_answer              ATXA
rcm_init                AT&FEVS0=0S12=50
reset_boot_arg0         0
shutdown_temp           51
sys_model_num           4000
sys_serial_num          NI82603E3Q
sys_type                PEDESTAL
sys_variant             0
tga_sync_green          0
tt_allow_login          1
tta0_page               0
tta0_type               VIDEO
tty_dev                 0
version                 V5.7-5, 18-APR-2000 15:58:16
Changing the auto_action setting to each of the three settings makes no
Thanks for your assistance.

The Answer is :

  This initially appears to be a hardware or console problem, or
  (obviously) other situation where a reset is necessary.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-MAY-2000 )

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