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Special Characters in Postscript? (ISO Latin 1)

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The Question is:

using dcps 1.7 and ln16 and ln17 declaser printers. Need to know what the
 escape sequences for the registered trademark are. So far no one from compaq,
 genicom has been able to help...can you i am running an alpha vms 2100 open
 vms system with open vms 6.
2 and dcps 1.7

The Answer is :

  Based on the DCPS reference, this is a question of printers and
  the Postscript language, and not particularly of escape or control
  Postscript printers support fonts that contain the registered
  trademark character, and the character translation is usually
  provided by the application that is generating the Postscript
  For details on the Postscript language itself, please see the
  available Adobe Postscript documentation.  (The Postscript
  language keyword for the trademark character is /trademark.)
  Using typical ISO Latin 1 terminals and (proper) terminal
  emulator packages such as the DECwindows DECterm, you can
  explicitly generate the registered trademark character using
  the compose sequence "RO".  (Press the compose key, then RO.)
  As for questions specific to fonts and escape and control
  sequences, the ISO Latin 1 supplemental graphic character set
  has the registered trademark character in position 174 decimal.
  This is a character, not a control sequence.  To use a control
  sequence to select ISO Latin 1 as the G3 character set, use
  [esc]+A to selects ISO Latin 1 as G3, and then SS3 (<esc>O)
  to single-shift to select the next character as being from
  the G3 character set.  With 174 in the next character position
  after the single-shift, you get the registered trademark
  character in the file.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-MAY-2000 )

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