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Error code 22?

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The Question is:

what is an error code 22

The Answer is :

  This is the error code voted most likely to be between error code 21
  and error code 23, as voted by a panel of this error code's peers.
  More seriously and as is mentioned in the introduction to asking a
  question here, one- or two-line questions and questions lacking full
  text of error messages, product versions, commands and/or applications,
  and/or supporting information are exceedingly difficult -- if not
  entirely impossible -- for the OpenVMS Wizard answer.
  There is an exceedingly large set of packages, devices and tools
  that can potentially generate something such as an error code 22.
  OpenVMS itself, interestingly enough, is not among these.
  In this case, there is no OpenVMS error code 22 among the standard
  condition codes.  Accordingly, this is not OpenVMS itself involved,
  and this error is arising from an application, some unspecified
  run-time environment, or from a layered product or third-party
  application, or possibly from a printer or other external device.
  None of which have been specifically identified here, unfortunately.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-NOV-2004 )

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