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System Disk Capacity Limits?

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The Question is:

We mainly run Alphas on v7.1.
We have a MicroVax 3100 at a remote location that needs another SCSI disk. It
 is still running OpenVMS v5.5.
I seem to remember that there was a physical disk size limitation for
earlier versions of OpenVMS.
How large of a disk can we install under OpenVMS v5.5?
0.5 Gb?  1.5 Gb?  5.0 Gb?  8.0 Gb?
What is the RX## RZ## equivalent?
Is there a web page that shows that information?
Thank you.
Jim Strehlow, Data911
(510)865-9100 x44
Alameda, CA, USA

The Answer is :

  Please see the OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  Specifically, please see the FAQ sections VAX5 and FILE5.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-MAY-2000 )

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