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Product Deinstallation? (REMS)

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The Question is:

I have a very old version of REMS (Remote Environmental Monitoring System) that
 I need to remove -- we no longer have the hardware necessary to support it.
How do I remove the package?
Lynn Speer (SAIC)

The Answer is :

  Please see topic 1562, 3392, and 3856.
  It will probably be far less hassle to simply comment out the
  startup, and leave the files resident on the disk -- the most
  common alternative to the removal of a specific product involves
  reinstallation of the other products onto a clean (re)installation
  of OpenVMS over the contents of the current system disk.
  In the specific case of REMS, you can delete:
    o the REMS work directory(ies) referenced by the logical names REMS*
      (assumes other stuff has not been mixed in here, of course.)
    o any REMS-specific usernames that might exist
    o manually deassign the REMS* logical names

answer written or last revised on ( 1-SEP-2000 )

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