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LPD Print Request Rejected?

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The Question is:

DEC TCIPIP Services v5.0 LPR print queue problems.
The error:
%TCPIP-E-LPD_REQREJECT, print request rejected by !AS (queue !AS)
I've followed the manual to set a LPR print
queue to a remote host print queue.
I'm going from OpenVMA Alpha v7.2 +
tcpip v5.0 lpr queue to OpenVMa Alpha v7.2 + tcpip v5.0 telnet queue. I've
 defined both nodes in the hosts local database and have changed the protection
 on each queue.
I have lpd/lpr services enabled on both machines.
It's probably simple, but I'm getting desparate.
Here's my queue on Machine 1
$ ty tcpip$printcap.dat
Server queue MCG$PRT, idle, on NAVAJO::, mounted form DEFAULT/BASE_PRIORITY=4
Here's the print request
Job SETUPLOG (queue MCG$PRT, entry 19) started on MCG$PRT
Here's the error.
$LPD Retrying failed job: SETUPLOG Number: 19 User: MCG Status: %TCPIP-E-LPD_REQR
EJECT, print request rejected by !AS (queue !AS)
Here's the print queu on Machine 2
show queu/full mytest
Printer queue MYTEST, idle, on REDBRN::"COMPAQPS:9100", mounted form DEFAULT
The telnet queue works just fine.
What am I doing wrong???
Thanks in advance is you can help.

The Answer is :

  Check the LPD end (remote, server) of the print connection.
  Please use TCP/IP V5.0A.
  If the remote end of the print connection is an OpenVMS system
  running TCP/IP Services, please acquire the configuration, the
  attributes, any relevent security audits, and other pertinent
  information and then contact the Compaq Customer Support Center.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-MAY-2000 )

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