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PCSI product install INVDSIPST1 error?

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The Question is:

We have an Alpha 1200 DS20 System running OVMS 7.1-2 where the POLYCENTER SOFT.
 INST. UTILITY, PRODUCT, is unable to run anymore. Any PRODUCT command,  gives
 the following error message:
%PCSI-E-OPENOUT,  error opening _DSA1 as output
-PCSI-E-INVDSIPST1,  destination device is not mounted  or does not have an
 associated logical volume name
%PCSI-E-S_OPFAIL, operation failed
%PCSIUI-E-ABORT,  operation terminated due to an unrecoverable error
The system disk is a volume shadow set DSA1.
I have re-installed OVMS 7.1-2 , preserving its contents, hoping that a
 possible missing file or file corruption would be cured. However, it continues
 the same.
The problem disallows me to install any layered product or patch. How can I
 solve this problem?
Thank you. Kind regards,
E. Ojero/ Syst. Eng.

The Answer is :

  Please first acquire and install the current ECO kit for PCSI.
  When installing or reconfiguring OpenVMS itself, you must install
  while booted from the CD-ROM media.
  If device names or device labels have changed, you will need to
  use the PRODUCT REGISTER VOLUME command to reconfigure the disk
  devices and particularly the disk volume labels stored in the
  PCSI database to match the new system disk environment.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance.
  Please expect to be asked the particular PCSI command(s) in use.
 INVSPIDST1,  destination device is not mounted or does not have an
              associated logical volume name
  Facility:     PCSI, POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility
  Explanation:  The POLYCENTER Software Installation utility uses the logical
                volume name associated with a mounted device to record the
                destination device of an installed product in the product
                database. When a device is mounted, the MOUNT utility assigns
                a logical name to the device. By default, the equivalence
                string of this logical name is of the form DISK$volume-name,
                but you can specify any string as an optional parameter on the
                MOUNT command. The destination device you specified for the
                PRODUCT command using either the /DESTINATION qualifier or the
                logical name PCSI$DESTINATION refers to a device that either
                is not mounted or does not have an associated logical volume
  User Action:  If the device is not mounted, mount it and reenter the
                command. If the device is mounted, dismount it and remount it
                to recreate the logical volume name. You can view the logical
                volume name for a mounted device by entering the following DCL
                  WRITE SYS$OUTPUT F$GETDVI("device-name","LOGVOLNAM")

answer written or last revised on ( 15-MAY-2000 )

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